We are developing technology to increase the efficiency and safety of workers exposed to cold weather. By monitoring the cold exposure at an individual level and supply live data on the conditions, measures can take at an early stage, hence avoid cold-related injuries and health problems and decrease the risk of human errors.


The story behind WindTech


Daniel and Hassan has collaborated closely since Hassan had Daniel as a student in class at the University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway. The shared interest of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and the challenges within severe climate regions made them come close. Thus there was a collaboration on a project where they studied how to monitor the wind chill effect for workers operating in the cold, also known as the real feel or felt temperature. But it does not stop here.

The theory behind the device that was simulated in ANSYSⓇ proved to have a larger application area than first assumed, hence WindTech was created.

Ståle joined in 2017 and has demonstrated excellent skills and great dedication in prototyping, thereby we've had the opportunity to release a prototype in a short time.

Erlend joined in as we were in need of expanding our team with a market researcher.

Hassan Abbas Khawaja

hassan Abbas khawaja

Chief Technical Officer
Interim CEO



Technical Director

Daniel Kristoffer Johnsen Swart

DanieL Kristoffer Johnsen swart

Chairman of the board







Through the University in Tromsø - the Arctic University of Norway, we are supported by business developers from Norinnova.