We are recruiting!

WindTech aims to strengthen the team and therefore seeks students or recent graduates with expertise in the field of marketing and commercialization - could it be you?

WindTech We are an early phase project that works with the development of technology and risk management systems for cold climate. We are working on a solution to an identified problem/need, which we want to develop further and commercialise. Here are the main activities we have conducted since September 2016;

  • Prototype 1 simulation
  • Commercial assessment
  • Market clarification and business development
  • Pitch competition (100 ')
  • Strengthened the team with product developer
  • VRI funds
  • Prototype 2 test in the laboratory
  • Prototype 3 test in field
  • Pre-incubation agreement

The way forward

  • Strengthen the team
  • Further market clarification and contact with industry
  • Business development and product development
  • Retrieve funds (IN - Market Clearance, FNY student)
  • Establish company

Read more at www.windtech.no We would like to chat with you if you are interested in becoming a part of WindTech. Get in touch with Daniel Swart at +47 986 48 723 or daniel@windtech.no