The Arctic - Extreme environment with unique opportunities

Around 25% of total proven reserves and undiscovered gas resources are located in the Arctic. In addition to oil and gas, the Arctic region contains abundant mineral resources.

Arctic Safety

The challenges related to polar weather must be addressed and handled accordingly to mitigate the risk of human errors to occur. 

  • 59% of hydrocarbon leakage on Norwegian Continental Shelf is due to human interaction
  • Statistics indicate that human error accounts for 80% of accidents
How will polar cold affect human errors?

We have developed an innovative technology that has integrated risk management system that informs the users of the current wind chill. Monitoring cold exposure on individuals will improve the efficiency of work operations

We aim to improve risk management system by help of sensor technology

Our solution - designed for the Arctic

    How does the cold affect the technology?

    our Technology

    • Robust
    • Anti-freezing
    • Maintenance free
    • Integrated risk assessment system
    How does the cold affect the workers?

    Working environment

    • Live data
    • Individual monitoring
    • Reduce hazardous behaviour
    • Prevent cold-related injuries
    How does the cold affect the equipment?

    Operational advantages

    • Increased safety
    • Improve work efficiency
    • Reduce downtime due to cold
    • Reliable data for decision-making


    Are you facing challenges regarding safety or efficiency due to cold environment? Do you have any questions?